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Wiltshire is bounded by Somerset, Gloucester, Berkshire, Hampshire, Dorsetshire. It is 54 miles in length and 33 miles in breadth.
Principal city is Salisbury, and it contains 304 parishes, 21 market towns. The north of the county is hilly and the south is level. Includes Stonehenge and the White Horse. Main rivers: Willey, Adder, 2 Avons, Thames and Kennet

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The National 85 Mile Ridgeway Trail starts near Avebury and the trail ends at Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire. Much of it can be ridden. 

Links:  http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/ridgeway/

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Swindon Borough Council (Unitary):


Wiltshire County Council - From 1st April 2009 became a Unitary Authority - District Councils being abolished.


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The Rights of Way and Land Charges Manager
Environmental Services Department
Wiltshire County Council
County Hall
Bythesea Road
Trowbridge, BA14 8JD

By Email: rightofway@wiltshire.gov.uk Tel: 01225 756178 / 01225 756183

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