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 Problematic Bridges
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Unsafe bridge, Painswick valley Submitted by: bhsglos 03 10 2013 14:36
A rider reported concerns about the narrower of the two bridges on bridleway MPA 76. It's an earth covered bridge, but has developed holes on both sides. In the course of a site visit to look at this bridge, a number of other problems were discovered, including overgrowth narrowing the bridleway to less than 1 metre along a length next to a permanent fence which could be electrified. All problems have been reported to the PRoW Officer.

Substandard bridge, Daglingworth/Bagendon Submitted by: bhsglos 03 10 2013 14:30
The bridleway BDH 4 through Oysterwell Woods, becomes BBA 3, has a narrow, substandard gated bridge. It is possible to ride it in one direction, but not the other, though our BHS Regional Access Officer for the South West, having seen photos, opined that no-one in their right minds would ride it in either direction! During negotiations regarding the proposed diversion of part of BDH 4, the PRoW Officer promised to replace the bridge with a culvert wide enough to allow riders to turn to close the gate.

Bridleway / byway bridges - general Submitted by: bhsglos 03 10 2013 14:22
There are a number of difficult / impossible bridges. In Andoversford, the stepped & gated bridge on r.byway KAN 5 is impossible to ride or drive. The bridge on bridleway AGO 27 near Woolstone Hill Farm is impossible to access - fortunately, the farmer lets riders use his farm track instead. The bridge on bridleway KEA 6 is gated at both ends - one end has an earth ramp, but the other end has two 10" x 10" concrete steps - urgent alteration need reported 2010!

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