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Proposed diversion, Hyde Mill Submitted by: bhsglos 03 10 2013 15:45
it is proposed that the bridleway HMA 3 should be diverted off of part of the drive near the Mill House, and be routed through a field. Although the application describes the proposal as 'no less convenient to the public' it would involve users having to negotiate two extra gates, and a field which could contain livestock, possibly horses. That's two reasons why the proposals would be less convenient to riders at least, so BHS Gloucestershire has officially objected to the proposal.

Proposed diversion, Penn Wood Submitted by: bhsglos 03 10 2013 15:38
A length of new bridleway, the result of a very protracted claim, is already the subject of a proposed diversion. Unfortunately, the Inspector's final report left a bit of a loophole, which would allow the landowner to enclose the claimed bridleway to a width of only 2 metres, and he has threatened to do this if the proposed diversion does not go through.

Windrush Mill Submitted by: bhsglos 03 10 2013 15:23
There are proposals to divert part of the restricted byway KWR 2 (and some footpaths). It is known that a number of local people are upset by the thought of losing part of an historic route (Mill Lane).We've had to explain that when BHS is consulted about a possible diversion, we can only comment on its suitability as an equestrian route. A local rider reported this proposed route as unrideable, but we have test-ridden it and found no problem.

Cranham - possible diversion Submitted by: bhsglos 03 10 2013 15:16
There is an application to divert part of bridleway MCR 26. The proposed route passes through one adjacent field, with a new bridge into the next field, and would avoid the area of slurry which collects in the dip. Subject to certain assurances about the new gates and bridge, BHS Gloucestershire has no objections to this proposal.

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